Googly-eyed over Dr. Oz

Googly-eyed over Dr. Oz


Focusing too intently on getting your product mentioned by major media, such as The Dr. Oz Show or the Wall Street Journal, can obscure other media opportunities. Opportunities that collectively have even more impact. Yes, even more than Dr. Oz.

To illustrate my point, imagine that Dr. Oz is an orange growing on a tree in an orange grove. Now suppose our Dr. Oz orange grew to be 200 pounds. Imagine the attention it would get. People from across the U.S. and even the world would come to see this giant orange. A cottage souvenir industry would likely sprout up around the tree. Can’t you just see it? Booths surrounding the tree with vendors hawking T-shirts, postcards and big giant stuffed oranges.

Meanwhile, all but unnoticed by the gawking tourists, pickers are carting away TONS of regularly sized oranges.

For some reason, marketers get all googly-eyed over the notion of getting national media coverage. At the same time they ignore hundreds, even thousands, of easily obtained media stories whose combined audience size would dwarf programs like The Dr. Oz Show. It’s like being transfixed on a 200 pound orange while the rest of the orchard rots. What a shame.

Dr. Oz’s audience of 3.5 million is paltry compared to the number of media impressions our company delivers. It’s common for our publicists to arrange more than 3.5 million impressions in a single day. The amount of media coverage we would miss if we went after only nationals would be unforgivable. 

Does that mean we don’t arrange major media coverage? Nope. And we get our share. What it means is, we go after ALL media coverage.

Admittedly, Dr. Oz has cachet. But so do local media personalities. Everyone remembers Walter Cronkite, but they can also rattle off a list of past hometown media celebrities. Being from Minnesota, mine were Dave Moore on TV, Boone and Erickson on the radio, and Dick Youngblood in print. Who were yours? Who are they today? Should they be talking about your company and your products? Of course they should.

Here’s the gem that gets overshadowed: Collectively, local media stories appearing all over the country are national media coverage. That means even if your product was never mentioned by the “national media”, it could absolutely achieve national media coverage.

Get on the phone and call us. Put our publicists to work arranging media coverage nationally for your company and its products – city by city, region by region – until you have covered the nation. Your story needs to be told and we’re the ones to help you tell it.

By arranging local media interviews, we can get your story in front of 3.5 million people (the same size audience as The Dr. Oz Show) in no time. Call Heather Champine, our VP of media production, and she will explain how. Her number is 952-697-5269. Or fill out the form below.


Lonny Kocina, CEO and Founder
Media Relations Agency