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More than a third of all marketers use email newsletters. They accelerate business growth by keeping you top of mind. Your best prospects don’t have to search for your information. They’ve opted to have it delivered right to their inbox. It’s no surprise that email marketing ROI is about $36 for every dollar spent.

Media Relations Agency produces high-value newsletters that are visually appealing and interesting to read. We’ll reinforce your brand identity and persona, while supporting your primary marketing objectives.

The advantages of using us to create your newsletters include:

Targeted messaging

We take the time to know and understand your product, and how it serves the needs of your primary audience.

Great subject lines

Subject lines that engage curiosity have increased open rates.

Optimized preview text

We tell readers why they should click to read more.

Easy to read

We’re story tellers. Our newsletters aren’t salesy or pushy. They are more like getting news updates from a colleague or friend. Subscribers will want to read each newsletter and save it for future reference.
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Newsletters build trust and loyalty

Newsletters enable you to develop a robust mailing list of people actively seeking products like yours. They convert subscribers into customers. Use newsletters to call attention to upcoming events, new products, new research, media coverage and case studies.

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