Pay Per Interview Publicity®

Guaranteed. Credible. Persuasive.

With our Pay Per Interview Publicity® pricing model, you always get earned media coverage for your money. We pioneered this concept more than 35 years ago. We charge per story we arrange, not by the time we spend. We’ll show you our pricing menu up front, so you’ll know how much you’ll pay per story.

Earned media is publicity’s gold standard. It gives your product much-coveted third-party credibility. It is trusted people saying good things about your product. The fact that this media coverage must be earned is a huge factor in its persuasive power and trustworthiness.

Pay Per Interview Publicity® Benefits:



We don’t get paid to just try to get you media coverage. We’re paid for results. That gives us a lot of incentive to deliver on promise!

Full Transparency

You receive frequent, comprehensive ROI reports with links to your media coverage and pertinent details about each story that ran.

Professionally Co-Produced

We’ve arranged tens of thousands of media stories. We work behind the scenes to gather and coordinate all the story elements for reporters, journalists and producers.


When your product appears in the news, it becomes like a celebrity. 

Builds Fame

Pay Per Interview Publicity® can be an important component of a thoughtfully curated marketing strategy that makes efficient use of your budget and helps you climb the ladder of fame.

Customized Pricing

While this option isn’t a good fit for every business, hundreds of companies in our extensive international client base have successfully used our Pay Per Interview Publicity® model.

pay per interview publicity

We’re Confident in our Strategies

If you’re selling to the public, mass marketing is always good. The more people who hear your story, the better. Our Pay Per Interview® pricing model guarantees media coverage for your money.

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