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Relevant. Impactful. Well-Written.

Our backgrounds and brand marketing expertise distinguish Publicity.com from other editorial services. Our approach to your press releases and articles is based on our agency’s 35+ years of arranging media coverage for our clients. Our writers are also certified marketing professionals.

We follow traditional print media’s example by applying Media-Grade Content® standards to our writing. This ensures our content is substantive, interesting and well-written. We even use the media’s preferred AP style as our guide. This journalistic lens improves the impact and credibility of our marketing content.

Media-Grade Content® is:


It is educational and engaging.


It instills trust and motivates people to learn more.

Worthy of your audience’s time

It is substantive, well-written and reflects your product’s persona without being overly promotional.


It clearly takes your target audience demographics into consideration.

We bring valuable perspectives to each project

High-quality content that is relevant to your target audience builds credibility and brand loyalty. Our writers have a depth of experience that can only be gained from extensive careers and quite frankly, lives well lived. If a writer doesn’t understand why people would choose to buy your product, they shouldn’t be writing about your product.

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Our 8-step SEO strategy works

Our 8-step SEO strategy works

We consider SEO optimization essential to making your product a celebrity. You need people to know who you are, why you’re better and how to do business with you. Each time someone can’t find your website, you’re probably losing leads and sales. Media Relations...

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How social media shares affect SEO

How social media shares affect SEO

As an SEO specialist, I’m frequently asked if social media shares affect SEO. Yes, social media shares can indirectly impact your search engine rankings in some situations. Despite not being part of the search algorithm, we still recommend sharing new content on...

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It’s time to plan your fall/holiday marketing campaign

Will your competitors’ products get more attention than yours this holiday season? They might, especially if they are already working on their marketing campaign and you haven’t started yet. Right now, your Publicity.com team could be planning a fully integrated...

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