Paid Content Packages

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Paid storytelling and native advertising are marketing tools that can help boost your company/product visibility and increase brand recognition. They are especially valuable for new product launches and time-sensitive campaigns. offers several Paid Content Packages that make it easy for you to budget and that deliver predictable outcomes. Note: Positioning within publications will vary.

Paid Content Package Options:


Article Syndication / Sponsored Content

Publish your release/article in more than 2,400 digital media outlets.

Digital Syndication

Boost brand awareness and generate a digital reach in the millions. Results average 950 online placements and 240 million site audience by the end of the campaign.

Sponsored Written + Visual Content

For added brand exposure, we can distribute written content and your branded infographic, video or even a listicle to our extensive network of news and media sites.

Native Advertising + Online Media

Turn smaller market press into national coverage and maximize your ROI. Affiliated publishers include, and

Paid Social Influencer Test Program

A two-month test program during which social media influencers are hand curated and provided with custom content for posting onto their feeds.

More options

Spanish-language translation and distribution, embedded infographics and amplification are available.

We Create Craveable Paid Content Packages

All new paid storytelling and native advertising marketing clients participate in a strategy session. This process includes developing campaign goals, initial strategy and engagement protocols. We will determine social media goals, i.e. influencer group size and platforms as well as goals for online and print media, i.e. publication size and location.

The results will be used to develop a customized plan, first piece of content/or asset and the budget for your campaign.

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