Explainer Videos

Fun. Informative. Memorable.

Explainer videos are short marketing videos that explain a product or service. They make it easier for people to grasp complicated information and visualize concepts.

Media Relations Agency knows explainer videos. More importantly, we know marketing. Our scripts and production are focused on telling your story and encouraging consumer action. We can also work with you when the video is complete to maximize its impact.

The benefits of explainer videos include:

They’re fun

People buy on emotion. They want to feel good about where they spend their money.

They inform quickly

Explainer videos summarize key messages in just a few seconds. That’s long enough to catch someone’s attention and drive them to your website, and short enough for those who don’t have time to read an entire article.

They’re memorable

Viewers, especially visual learners, remember faces, animation, colors and standout graphics as much as the spoken words.

They’re discoverable

Videos are everywhere online. In fact, search engines and social media platforms now prioritize video content over other content. If you want to get found online, you need video.
explainer video production

Explainer videos are one of the best ways to share your story

Well-crafted explainer videos have a strong power to inform and persuade. They should be an integral part of your marketing toolkit.

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