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Get your product into credible news stories

If media coverage was easy to get, you’d probably be in the news much more often. Publicity takes determination and experience. Luckily for our clients, Media Relations Agency has arranged tens of thousands of media stories over the last 35-plus years.

Reporters and producers need new stories every day. They are incredibly busy and often understaffed. We fill that gap by doing the work for them. We think up the concepts, contact the outlets and provide the resources. The media love us. Who wouldn’t love a team of smart people who do your work for you?

The advantages of using our Media Specialists include:

Strong relationships

Our media specialists work their tails off behind the scenes and develop valuable partnerships with the media.

Marketing professionals

Our media specialists are truly exemplary at their craft. They also understand how their work supports your overall marketing goals and strategies.

Proprietary Database

We maintain our own database of media contacts and outlets. Our database includes notes from our one-on-one interactions, enabling us to tailor and customize our pitches.

Media-Grade Content®

We craft story angles that suit individual journalists and media outlets. Our Media-Grade Content makes you stop and pay attention.
publicity media specialists

Our media specialists will work incredibly hard on your behalf

Our media specialists spend hours handling every little nuance of a placement including supplying credible spokespeople; reliable resources such as studies, statistics, facts and trends; testimonials; photos for print media; props for television; and whatever else the media require to produce our clients’ stories.

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