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When it comes to marketing strategy and consulting, some younger or less experienced agencies may only recommend strategies that fit their limited skill sets. That’s not us.

Media Relations Agency has a full in-house team of SAM 6® certified marketing strategists and product marketing professionals. We’ve got you covered, whether you need publicity, digital marketing or any of our other services. Even better: Only Media Relations Agency will assign a Product Publicist to your account to guide you in making the smartest use of your marketing dollars.

Benefits of having a personal Product Publicist:

Professional marketing strategy

Your product publicist will learn the features and benefits that make your product unique and interesting, then suggest customized ways to start spreading the word.

Personal account management

Your product publicist will be your marketing consultant, strategist and point person throughout your campaign. He/she will collaborate with our experienced team (the best-of-the-best in each of their areas of expertise) to present you with great options and creative ideas.

Access to all of our services

You will have access to all of our services to support your marketing strategy. That may include traditional media, digital media, digital advertising, blogs and website landing pages, videos and / or infographics.

Insightful analysis

You will receive an analysis of the impact of the strategies, plus suggestions for any necessary adjustments. That may include working on your website’s SEO one month, including your product in a media tour in another, and submitting an article to several popular websites the next month. It’s all about increasing your product’s visibility.

marketing strategy and consulting

Successful marketing starts with a solid foundation

Our marketing strategy and consulting services are based on our 35+ years of helping make products famous. You can trust us to provide you with experienced insights and industry-leading direction.

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