Monthly Publicity Campaigns

Strategic. Convenient. Effective.

While our pioneering Pay Per Interview Publicity® pricing model remains our most popular, sometimes you may prefer to have our team work in a model that has a flat-rate, monthly budget for your publicity campaign.

Our team outshines other agencies with this model, since our performance-based work ethics and proven processes are deeply ingrained in our DNA. We’ll work hard to ensure that you’ll get persuasive media coverage for your product.

Our Monthly Publicity Campaigns include:

Simplified pricing

You’ll pay one set price for your campaign strategy and management, content writing, media outreach and reporting.

On point

Using our SAM 6® process, we will document your campaign goals and objectives, primary value points, market segmentation strategy, brand statement, and more.

Direct media outreach

Using calls and emails, our media specialists will persistently stay in front of reporters, journalists and producers with your story.

Builds fame

Media coverage is an important component of a thoughtfully curated marketing strategy that makes efficient use of your budget and helps you climb the ladder of fame.

monthly publicity campaigns

Put our Proven Publicity Strategies to Work has been arranging product publicity for more than 35 years. Our media specialists are former producers, journalists and reporters. We know what it takes to be successful. While there is no guarantee of media placements with our Monthly Publicity Campaign model, we are very proactive and we are tenacious about getting results.

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