Influencer Campaigns

Expand your sales team. Expand your reach.

Social media influencers drive business through social media engagement. They can play a key role in helping your products and services rise in fame.

Media Relations Agency’s influencer marketing campaigns are turnkey. We develop the needed materials; recruit and manage the relationships between you and influencers; and help magnify their content.

The benefits of using us for your influencer campaigns include:


We will build a roster of social media influencers whose communities would be interested in your product(s).

More Connections

Name recognition is critical to achieving product fame. Influencers can reach the niches of social media platforms that are filled with potential customers. They are also integral in creating cross-platform connections with other influencers and their followers.

Easy processes

We take care of all the training and management of the social influencers. We’ll secure all necessary rights, and work within your budget, securing both earned and paid influencers.

Great messaging

Our team will work with your social media influencers to create posts with onpoint messaging and clear product inclusions.

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Our influencer campaigns are across platforms

We work with influencers in all the major platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. We also connect with bloggers.

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Influencer marketing expands your sales force

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