Press Releases and Pre-written Articles

We make the media’s job easier

Press releases have been around since 1906, and are still highly valued by successful marketers. They should just be written and used differently than they were even a few years ago. Our press releases and pre-written (bylined) articles are custom written to position you as a thought leader, and your product as a logical solution.

Media Relations Agency’s writers think and write like journalists and reporters. The media often run the content we write for our clients “as is” or with just minor changes. Pairing our content with outreach by our media specialists can result in the media requesting an interview for an even more customized story.

The advantages of choosing us to write your press releases and pre-written articles include:

Media-Grade Content®

We use the media’s preferred AP style as our writing guide. This journalistic lens improves the impact and credibility of our press releases and pre-written articles.


We provide the media with content that tells a complete, turnkey story without being overly promotional. Reporters like working with us because we do much of the groundwork for them.

Thoughtfully formatted

The media welcome content that appears to be written specifically for their format and audience.


Every release we write clearly demonstrates how to tell your story. Our goal is to convince reporters why your story matters to their audiences, and why using our content in its entirety or as a starting point is their best option.

pre-written articles

Make your press releases and pre-written articles work even harder

Once your content has generated the anticipated amount of media coverage, put it to work by posting it to your website then linking to it from your social channels and newsletter. Adding fresh content to your owned channels can help improve your page ranking, increase traffic and create more shareable content.

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