X (formerly Twitter) Management

Gain market insights. Grow awareness.

X (formerly Twitter) has been popular among product marketers, with many features and tools that can support your campaign. With thousands of posts per second, this platform enables you to share information quickly and gather valuable consumer insights.

Hiring Media Relations Agency for your X management is smart. In addition to having access to our team of digital marketers, writers, graphic designers and videographers, we have insights that can only be gained by managing multiple X (Twitter) business pages.

What you get with our X management services:

Marketing strategy

Our digital marketing strategists have worked with X (formerly Twitter) pretty much since its inception. We know the metrics to watch, and how to create and manage an effective X presence.

The right hashtags

Hashtags increase your discoverability, making it easier to find your content.

Trend analyses

We can use X to research topics trending among your most important target market, helping you to communicate with them more effectively.

Useful content

Our content marketing writers will create posts in your brand voice that X users will find valuable and ideally will want to share. This increases your chances of showing up in non-followers feeds.

Scheduling and posting

The best time to post depends on your target audience. We will recommend the ideal days and times when they are most likely to be engaged.

Listening and engaging

Our team can help you stay on top of your X presence, by finding and tapping into meaningful conversations as well as engaging with those who respond to your posts.

Our X (formerly Twitter) management is your one-stop shop

Media Relations Agency does more than set up and manage your X business account. We can also help you grow your X presence by using your other owned and earned channels to create more interest in your X feed.

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