Shopify SEO

Drive awareness. Increase sales.

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. Shopify SEO is about enabling customers to find you, then giving them a reason to click through to your site and discover what you have to offer.

Media Relations Agency’s SEO experts will build a solid Shopify SEO strategy so your store can rise through the search engine results over time. Our results-driven approach will turn your Shopify store into a full and powerful marketing tool optimized to increase organic sales.

Our Shopify SEO strategic options include:

SEO audit

We will evaluate your Shopify store’s SEO performance to identify which areas are working well and where adjustments need to be made.


Technical SEO

We’ll work behind the scenes to ensure search engines are properly indexing your site.

Competitor analysis

We can uncover opportunities by benchmarking your Shopify store against your competition.

Keyword research

We’ll find the terms people are using to search online for products like yours. Using the right language can help you earn more qualified leads from people ready to buy.

Content marketing

Quality content will help you appear higher in search results and encourage potential buyers to click through to your site.

Shopify SEO within a strong marketing framework

Because we are product marketing professionals, our focus is on using the right Shopify SEO strategies, integrated with your other marketing tactics, to help your product climb to fame.

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