Video Scripts

Engaging. Persuasive.

Videos are marketing powerhouses that tell your story both visually and through voiceover. The voiceover script sets the tone and personality. In just a few words, it must also clearly communicate your messaging and call to action.

Within the first few seconds, people will decide if they want to continue watching your video. Media Relations Agency’s writers are certified marketing professionals with decades of experience. We write compelling video scripts that keep viewers engaged.

The advantages of using us to write your video scripts:


We’re concise

In videos, every second counts. We will distill your most important messages into clear, simple language.

Media-Grade Content®

We apply higher standards to our content. Everything we write would pass the traditional media’s litmus test for writing that is interesting and relevant.

Fully integrated

The Marketing Rule of 7 states that people must be exposed to a message at least 7 times before they take action. Your video script will fully support your other marketing initiatives.

video script writing services

Our video scripts are worth your audience’s time

Our video scripts start with a hook and end with a clear call to action. Everything in between is interesting, relevant and fully aligned with your goals.

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