Hire SAM

More marketing skills. Less money.

If you’re reading this, chances are good that you are frustrated! One month, you may need a good content writer. Then you need a web designer, a video editor or someone who can explain the difference between selling in the U.S. and Canada.

How much will it cost to hire all this talent? Will they communicate well with each other? Are they familiar with the newest technology? And what if you get someone who says they can do something, but they really can’t?

We hear about problems like these all the time. With SAM, you won’t be trapped within the confines of anyone’s limited expertise.

Hire SAM

For $3,000/month, less than it would cost you to hire one employee, you can have access to our entire in-house marketing team.

Who is SAM? Our Amazon best-selling book, “The CEO’s Guide to Marketing” describes a system we use called Strategically Aimed Marketing (SAM for short). When you hire SAM (our team), you will have a wonderful marketing assistant who understands strategy and can do just about any marketing task.

Hiring SAM gives you access to our comprehensive marketing skills and strategies including:

  • Performance-based marketing strategy to help you reach your unique goals
  • Awareness-building PR campaigns across multiple outlets and platforms
  • Engaging Media-Grade Content® writing
  • Designing, building and maintaining websites that nurture trust in your company
  • Ecommerce, including Amazon, to streamline your sales process
  • Digital advertising created to grow your business
  • Social media management to help you lead online conversations
  • Graphic designers and videographers to elevate your reputation and convey your
  • organization’s personality
  • Product marketing expertise refined over 35+ years

In their first year, most clients spend about $3,000/month with us. So, that’s what we’ll charge you to hire SAM. Bear in mind that when clients first hire us, they typically ask us to take care of a few things they’ve needed to get done for a long time. We may need to tackle those first. Then we can get into a normal rhythm.

We’re keeping it simple

Just sign our one-year agreement of $3,000/month, which has a six-month out clause. So, your real commitment is for six months. If you decide to opt out, we’ll help you turn over the tasks to someone else.

Explore our website to get an idea of our capabilities. Of course, we won’t be doing everything on our site for a total of $3,000/month. But you’ll get a feel for all that’s available to you when you hire SAM.

Does it sound good to have someone like SAM at your disposal? If so, contact us and let’s get started.

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