Google Analytics Management

Data-driven insights. Stronger performance.

Setting up Google Analytics used to be as easy as entering a code. The transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), complicated things. Media Relations Agency’s team is GA4 certified. We know how to use this powerful tool to drive more effective online marketing campaigns for our clients.

Not every agency has certified GA4 experts. It’s a daunting task to become certified. Even fewer of those experts possess the years and depth of marketing experience that our team brings to each project.

The benefits of using us for Google Analytics Management:


If there’s something on your site you want to track with GA4, we can set it up.

Better targeting

Target the demographics most responsive to your online marketing. Learn how visitors navigate your website to better understand their motivations.

Higher performance

Boost performance by tracking your ROI from social media and email marketing campaigns.

Stronger ROI

We’ll help you understand which channels are funneling the most people to your site, so you can focus your energy and budget on those most likely to deliver conversions.

Insightful reports

Our reports do more than give you numbers. We know how to interpret the data, and provide you with insights to implement more effective marketing.

google analytics management

Our Google Analytics Management Drives Measurable Results

We use GA4 to help us deliver better and more measurable results from your online marketing campaign. Our data-driven strategies are simply better at getting your story in front of your customers and prospects.

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