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Where products and companies go to become famous.

More leads and higher sales require the right strategies. For 35+ years, we have led with publicity because you will get a far better response when someone else says nice things about you than when you say nice things about yourself. You won’t find another agency anywhere that has spent decades focused on turning products into celebrities, as we have.


You know your product or service is special.
We make sure your market sees it that way too.

Other agencies lead with ads. Not us. We lead with publicity. Here’s how:


Beat Reporters

The more you tell, the more you sell

We assign a beat reporter to continually circle around your product uncovering a constant flow of interesting stories.

When people are interested in buying something, their appetite for information goes way up. All of the sudden, they want to know as much as possible about what they are going to buy!

“Telling more” is how products become famous, and your business has stories to tell. Our Beat Reporters will dig deep to find those stories by meeting with your leadership team and asking clever, insightful questions. This reveals the most impactful information and angles you haven’t even considered.

The result? Instead of being the “best kept secret,” you’re the one everybody’s talking about.


Product Publicists

Fuel your climb to fame

We assign a publicist to watch over your product and see that it gets maximum favorable attention.

You can probably envision how a good publicist can help a would-be celebrity to gain more fame. A publicist will find as many ways to share interesting, positive stories about that person as possible. They keep feeding the public’s curiosity.

Our Product Publicists play a similar role. They are, first and foremost, professional marketing strategists. They learn the features and benefits that make your product unique and interesting, then they start spreading the word.

Our Product Publicists are tasked with:

  • Finding and pursuing multiple ways to share your product’s story with the people most likely to buy. That may include traditional media, digital media, digital advertising, blogs and website landing pages, videos and / or infographics.
  • Analyzing the impact of the strategies and making adjustments when necessary. They may suggest you work on your website’s SEO one month, include your product in a media tour in another, and submit an article to several popular websites the next month. It’s all about increasing your product’s visibility.

With more than 35 years experience, we’re really good at finding multiple places and using multiple promotional channels to tell your story!



Gain reputation-boosting visibility

Our promotional team then builds out flattering messages and distributes them in a way that assures maximum attention.

People first need to know about your product before they can buy it. Today, they get their information from many different sources.

We don’t know exactly what your product’s path to fame will look like quite yet. Once you hire us to represent your product, we will use our 35+ years of product marketing experience to figure out what will work best for your product.

You may need to tell your story in traditional media, social media and in digital ads. A few podcasts may boost awareness. Videos and infographics are wonderful ways to educate people. If your blog content is sparse, you may need to beef it up. If keyword searches don’t bring up your product until the second or third page, let’s talk about fixing your SEO issues.

As a full-service marketing agency (a rarity these days!), we have the skills and experience to customize our approach and accommodate your needs.

Being a full-service agency sets us apart




Social Media


Each rung on your ladder of fame should be sturdy

As we market your company and products using our unique “celebrity status” approach, we guide our actions with a fundamental marketing process outlined in our agency’s bestselling, award winning book, “The CEO’s Guide to Marketing”. It’s available on Amazon or free with a complimentary consultation with one of our Product Publicists.

The more you tell, the more you sell

Imagine what positive media coverage could do for your sales. Tens of thousands of times, reporters and producers have said yes to covering our clients’ products. They will say yes when we contact them about your product, too.

Are you ready to make your product / company famous?

Hire our agency by signing a 12-month agreement. We have clients with monthly budgets as little as $5000, and others spending as much as $100,000 a month.

Videos are great storytellers. Here’s ours!

Take a look at this explainer video. It will help you understand our mindset, how we work, and how we helped make Breathe Right Nasal Strips famous. And by the way, Dr. Cohen, who you will see in the video, has hired us to make a celebrity out of a new product the world will soon come to know.

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