Google Advertising Services

More Qualified Leads. Expertly Managed.

With more than 8.5 billion people searching Google daily, Google Ads (Pay Per Click) is effective at driving qualified leads to your website. But experienced management is essential. It’s far too easy to exhaust your budget by buying broad keywords that won’t generate a single result.

As certified Google Ads professionals with decades of product marketing experience, Media Relations Agency uses best practices to maximize your Google Ads budget and boost your ROI. Your results will include better visibility and higher quality leads.

What you get with our Google Advertising services:

Campaign strategy & execution

We will create strong, results-driven ads and landing pages.


Our high-level experts use highly refined targeting to reach the people who actually want to see your ad while weeding out those who are least likely to respond.


Buying locally is more popular than ever. We can focus your Google Ads campaign to target local searches.

Keyword Calibration

We will frequently assess keyword trends in your industry and market to ensure the keywords we’re using are the most effective at triggering your ad.

Ongoing optimization

We will continually monitor and make adjustments to your campaign; and provide you with insightful reporting.

google advertising services

Rise to the next level of fame

A strong Google Advertising campaign involves quite a few steps. Our certified Google Ads experts will walk you through our processes, which include keyword research; defining your target audience; and creating the ads and landing pages that will increase your visibility online.

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