Paid Storytelling

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Paid storytelling (including sponsored content, native advertising and influencer campaigns) is content that you pay to place. It can be a stand-alone strategy or a complement to your earned media coverage.

Paid storytelling opportunities are available in news outlets and social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. Our native advertising programs can reach audiences online as well as in print publications.

Paid Storytelling Benefits:


You’ll have a presence on major news and media sites such as Forbes and USA Today.


Your story may be published by as many as 2,000 digital media outlets, with the potential of reaching audiences in the hundreds of millions.

Time sensitive

Because paid storytelling can be arranged quickly, it is ideal for new product launches and time-sensitive promotions.


You have complete control over your message. And your story will typically resemble other content published on the site, both in style and tone.

Lead generation

Links can be directed to your website for purchase or lead generation, your Amazon storefront

paid media strategy

We can help you magnify your story’s impact

We will work with you to amplify your paid content’s reach through social media posts, blogs, emails, websites, native ads and other promotional channels.

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