Shorten your sales cycle.

Research shows companies that blog once or twice a month get an average of 67% more sales leads than those that don’t. Blogs can increase web traffic and brand awareness, and enhance customer experience. But too many blogs fail because companies don’t follow best practices.

Media Relations Agency’s content marketing team will use the right blogging strategies to increase site visitors, educate them about products and give them compelling reasons to buy.

The advantages of having us write your blogs:

Right topics

We will tailor your blogs to the people most likely to buy.

Right keywords

Our team identifies and uses the right keywords to make your blogs more discoverable.


For the best ROI, we will help you maintain a consistent blogging schedule.

Content promotion

For even greater visibility, we can use other proven tactics to draw more attention to your blog and website.
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Blogs are hard-working business tools

Statistics show businesses that include blogs as part of their marketing strategy see 13 times the ROI than businesses that don’t. Our high-performing blogs can draw more visitors to your website, educate them about your products and make them good about doing business with you.

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Tell your product’s story in the media

Tell your product’s story in the media

We are storytellers. That’s a big deal. Our stories, reported by the media, will raise awareness of your product or service. Our stories will tell people why they may need your product and how yours is better than your competition’s. In many cases, these stories will...

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5 content strategies you should be using

5 content strategies you should be using

Content marketing is essential for more than building awareness. Done right, your content strategy will also influence what people think about your product in comparison with your competition. To rise to the top, here are five content strategies you should be using....

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Why does generational marketing matter?

Why does generational marketing matter?

There are now five distinct generations of consumers, each with unique buying motivations. Taking the time to understand these generational differences will help strengthen your connections with your markets, gain their trust and keep your product top of mind. Why...

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