To grow leads and sales for your product, you must first build awareness. For your product to become famous, you should share your story with as many people as possible, as often as possible. Publicity exposes your product to huge audiences. As people see your story told (and repeated) by multiple media outlets, their trust in your product will rise and demand will follow. offers multiple publicity models:

Pay Per Interview: pioneered Pay Per Interview® publicity which guarantees media coverage for your budget.

Paid storytelling:

Pay-to-place content can be a stand-alone strategy or complement to your earned media coverage.

Paid content packages:

Our package options include, but are not limited to, article syndication to more than 2,400 digital media outlets.

Editorial services:

The journalistic lens of’s Media-Grade Content® improves the impact and credibility of your brand marketing content. has been arranging product publicity for more than 30 years

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