Equip Your Team

With a Proven Strategic Marketing Process

Many marketing departments struggle to produce promotional campaigns that boost sales. It’s not because the team members aren’t skilled or motivated. It’s not because the product is poor or the economy isn’t cooperating. Often, campaigns fail because they were constructed without a unified process. This can produce gaps in promotional schedules; ineffective marketing materials; and stressed, confused or demoralized marketing staff.

Strategically Aimed Marketing (SAM 6®) eliminates these challenges and improves your team’s marketing by organizing their efforts. It uses a streamlined, six-step process that’s easy to implement, fun to follow and amazingly effective. It reduces any confusion around your marketing initiatives and creates a unified team that’s laser-focused on producing campaigns that get results.

SAM 6® is the process used by a leading international marketing agency, and now, it can be the process used by your team.

Marketing leaders can now provide their teams with facilitated SAM 6® instruction.

Following SAM 6® will systematically improve the results of your marketing by providing a clear structure to your marketing team. Guesswork and ambiguity are gone. Marketing plans are clear and concise. Team members have clear direction. And most importantly, your promotions’ effectiveness will skyrocket due to orderly, clear and attention-getting messages that are expertly delivered through the most effective channels.

SAM 6® Process Benefits

  • Enables marketing executives to lead with purpose & focus
  • Provides clarity & order to your marketing initiatives
  • Ensures delivery of a consistent brand message
  • Provides clear direction to your creative team
  • Is easily understood & respected throughout your company
  • Saves time & money while eliminating wasted efforts or confusion

What’s Included in the Training

  • Personalized full-team training
  • Six calendar review sessions
  • SAM 6® Tool Kit for each participant including book and daily marketing term
  • Custom SAM 6® Implementation Templates for ongoing team use
  • Quarterly team summits
  • Year-end program review

The SAM 6® Process Creator

Lonny Kocina has been CEO of Media Relations Agency for more than 30 years. Kocina is a visionary who is passionate about marketing. He pioneered the concept of the Pay Per Interview Publicity® business model, enabling clients to purchase publicity by the story. He also entered the digital marketing arena years before many of his competitors. His agency is a leader in the creation of Media-grade Content™. In his latest book, “The CEO’s Guide to Strategic Aimed Marketing”, he revealed the strategic process his award-winning team uses to consistently produce successful, on-point and orderly marketing campaigns. This process is explained in detail in the SAM 6® training sessions.

Who Should Attend

SAM 6® training is for teams who want to improve their marketing results by following a systemized and proven process. For maximum effectiveness, all members of the marketing team should be present. Large companies should include marketing executives, managers, creatives and implementation staff. Smaller companies should include business owners/CEOs and company leaders with marketing responsibilities. This program is appropriate for professionals with or without a formal marketing education.

A successful marketing team — one that boosts company sales — is focused, efficient and always in control. If you’re ready to help your team realize its potential, complete this form for a personal consultation.