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by | Apr 5, 2024 | Brand Awareness, Digital Marketing, Digital Services, Website Design, Website Support

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Are you unsure what to do with your website and marketing programs? Let Media Relations Agency’s certified marketing pros uncover what is working for competition in your industry and market. We are giving away 10 free competitive analyses this month. Hurry to claim yours! This offer is on a first come, first served basis.

Take your business to the next level

You would be surprised by how much information on your competitors is available online, from how much traffic they are getting from organic search and keyword advertising to which keywords they are targeting. With our review of your website and those of your top competitors, we can help you develop a path to increase leads and online sales.

Gain a competitive edge

We will use a variety of tools to get an accurate look at your digital presence and compare it with your competitors. These insights will give you numerous advantages by showing what’s working in your area, where you can improve, and most importantly, how you may beat your competition.

Take advantage of this opportunity to supercharge your marketing efforts and achieve marketing dominance!

Call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form to claim your free competitive analysis. We look forward to hearing from you.

Written by Jason Kocina

Written by Jason Kocina

Jason is our chief digital marketing strategist. Clients love him because he’s amazing at explaining complex ideas and concepts to non-technical people. In fact, Jason has been teaching businesses how to turn their websites into profit centers since 1995. He feels most invigorated when he’s helping clients use digital media to distinguish themselves from the competition. Jason is one of those rare people who can effortlessly interpret how digital changes are likely to benefit or hinder a marketing program. Using his extensive experience in design and web development, he can quickly review any scenario and determine how best to help a client.


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