Fitness coach enlists our PR help for a national outreach

People love Wendie Pett. She’s a renowned fitness expert, licensed naturopath and host of the nationally syndicated TV show, Visibly Fit. She contacted Media Relations Agency earlier this year because she felt ready to build an army of certified coaches as well as continue to grow her client roster. Having worked with Media Relations in the past, Wendie knows that media placements can move people to action. This TV interview on NBC affiliate KARE 11 reinforced her position as a warm, approachable fitness expert who clearly knows how to get results!  

Our first step in working with Wendie this time around was to discuss her current campaign goals as well as get updates about everything that differentiates her approach to fitness from her competition’s. With that information, we created a code sheet document to ensure that everyone working on her campaign stays on point. Then, our editor-in-chief worked with Wendie on creating media-grade press releases to help us tell her story through the media. These steps are all part of our well-established Strategically Aimed Marketing (SAM 6®) process. 

With those documents approved by Wendie, our publicists picked up their phones and started talking with reporters. Since one of Wendie’s primary value points is that her fitness routines can be done anywhere at any time, Publicist Sallie Crowl cleverly co-produced this KARE 11 segment about staying healthy while on vacation. 

During the 2-1/2 minute interview, Wendie had plenty of time to establish rapport with the host as well as the TV viewers. She offered valuable tips, mentioned her website and business name. After stories run, Wendie posts them to her website and social media pages to extend their reach and longevity, as well as further solidify her credibility.    

Not every business needs PR services full time. We have many business professionals, such as Wendie Pett, who have worked with us on and off over decades because they trust us our strategic marketing processes. With our SAM 6® six-step process, we stay focused and on point. 

If you want to tell your story through the media, request a free publicity estimate. We’re happy to discuss our experience and processes, and explore if we’re the right fit for your goals.  

Written by Media Relations Agency

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