Sallie Crowl

Sallie Crowl
Sallie Crowl
Media Relations
Sallie is relationship cultivator who thrives on co-producing media placements our clients love. When asked what drives her, she says, “I get energy from tailoring a pitch featuring our client and then securing media placements with high-profile outlets.” Sallie is quite tireless at pursuing media placements and is methodical in her approach with our clients. “I’ve learned an incredible amount of information about new products and services throughout a variety of industries. I know why your target market would love your product and present the information in a newsworthy format. Persistence pays off.”

Empathizing with the audience and the media outlets is key to Sallie’s media placement success. “I love to watch the news, read magazines and surf the net for trending topics. I ask myself why I would want to watch or read a particular news story, and act accordingly. I only pitch relevant stories or segments. The media are very busy so we need to be respectful of their time.” Her knowledge and consistent efforts are appreciated by both media outlets and by our clients.

Sallie describes a great day as one in which she has booked a challenging media outlet and has completed everything on her "to do" list. “I have quotas for myself everyday: calls, emails, new pitches, research, etc.” Sallie is a collaborative member of her team. “I love brainstorming ideas for our clients and passing along potential placements for the team. I will help out with any task that I am asked to complete.”

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