Six clever product marketing strategies

The first quarter of 2018 is over. How are your marketing strategies working so far? For most of our clients, Media Relations recommends a fully integrated marketing approach to improve reach, frequency and results. If you have gaps in your current marketing campaign, we can help. Here are six marketing strategies worth considering:

  1. Coverage in special interest magazines and trade journals. Print and digital publications cover everything from health and hobbies to niche industries. They reach readers who are interested in specific topics. Ask a publicist to arrange stories showcasing your expertise or highlighting your product’s benefits.
  2. Radio publicity. Thanks in part to satellite radio, there are radio programs that cover very specialized topics. Have a publicist arrange for you or your spokesperson to appear on a radio show pertaining to your industry. Tell listeners how your product can help them address an issue they face.
  3. Television news coverage. Ask a publicist to arrange publicity for you on the news, as well. News programs often have health, business and lifestyle segments. This is a credible, impressive way to tell your story.
  4. Website cornerstone pages. Ask a full-service agency to create cornerstone pages that highlight your products or services. Cornerstone pages are single pages that are your content center for a specific topic. Informative and meant to keep visitors on your site, cornerstone pages should be created around a carefully chosen keyword.
  5. Digital ads. Set up digital ads that deliver your message to a highly targeted audience. You can specify which geographic region, age and gender you would like to reach. Keep costs predictable by setting a daily budget.
  6. Repurpose your media stories. This is another highly effective means to reach consumers online. Media coverage is a trusted third-party credibility. Extend the reach and lifespan of your media stories by posting them to your website and social media streams. This approach enables you to reach individuals in other markets who may not have seen the media story and enables people to share the story with others.

Consumers have a wide array of entertainment options available to them. You need to constantly find new ways to attract their attention. Media coverage and integrated social media marketing are creative, smart approaches. Media coverage is informative and eye-catching. It’s desirable content. And digital marketing tells your story on the platform where many people go for answers.

Our full-service hybrid agency can tell your story in ways not all companies have tried. We deliver your message in formats that suit how consumers want to learn about products. And because our experts work together as a team, we create integrated marketing that sends a focused, consistent brand message.

It feels great when we know we’ve helped clients achieve their goals. Tell us what you would like to see happen with your business. We’ll tell you what we can do to help. Call us at 952-697-5269 or complete our contact form.

Written by Heather Aarre

Post-it notes should have been part of Heather’s stock portfolio. “I should have invested in them when they were first invented,” she confirms. “I would have a nice little nest egg set aside with the amount I use daily.” Heather is an achiever and arranger who loves to make lists and check tasks off when complete. “I think that’s what makes an account service professional effective.” Heather knows that details and being proactive are key to a successful campaign. “You can’t be afraid to take initiative and you must pay attention to details; catch the little things that are mentioned in meetings that tell you how you need to move forward. That is how I contribute to our overall client satisfaction.” Heather also enjoys keeping on top of the technology that supports our clients’ needs. For example, she says, “YouTube is continually changing its platform, so staying knowledgeable about what they offer, and how to actually upload a video with the latest available for the client now has become a checklist item, too.” She confirms, “Organizing multiple layers of details is my favorite part of my job.”

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