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Integrated Social Media Marketing

Brand-building. Strategic. Engaging.

Great things happen when you put an experienced marketing company in charge of your social media strategy and presence. We get people talking, sharing and buying! Some agencies promise to help you join the conversations. We’d prefer to help you lead those conversations. We work in all of the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest.

Our Unique Advantages

  • We’re product publicity experts. We’ll be ready to use social media to extend the reach of your publicity campaign, long before your spokesperson steps in front of the TV cameras.
  • We deliver only Media-Grade Content™. Our years of writing to meet the media’s needs have taught us how to consistently produce content that highlights your key messages and drives up desire.
  • We’re digital marketing techies. We create hard-working business websites. We are trained and certified in all the top digital marketing tools. We apply that expertise to your social media presence, and funnel the resulting prospects into your sales process.

Be Where Your Customers Are

We can construct and implement a business social media strategy that gets results. We can set up pages, create and post content, implement digital advertising campaigns, and listen and respond to messages and brand mentions from throughout the internet. Using best practices, we’ll target the customers most likely to buy and help build that all-important customer relationship. Best of all, we’ll integrate this with your other marketing initiatives to optimize your resources and develop your brand. Let us know what you want, and we’ll create a plan just for you.

We Should Be Managing Your Online Presence

Here’s a snapshot of our social media services.

  • Social media marketing strategy: Our team – which includes writers, publicists, digital marketing experts and web property managers – will brainstorm tactics and angles to get you noticed.
  • Media-Grade Content™: We’ll write keyword-rich content for your blog and social posts. All content will integrate seamlessly with your other marketing initiatives, and can be neatly organized into an editorial calendar. We can also do the posting and syndication.  
  • Interactive listening and engaging: We can monitor and respond to incoming messages and brand mentions; nurture key influencers; study your competition; organize and moderate special interest groups; and engage with your audience as your company’s persona.
  • Increase brand awareness and growth: From highly sharable memes to organizing live social media chats between your experts and fans, we’ve got the creative ideas that will get people talking, and the talent for flawless execution.

These are available ala carte (charged hourly), or we can create a customized package.


“We’ve had great success designing and implementing social media campaigns. Let me show you how we’ve utilized these networks to increase awareness and drive sales for our clients.”

Claire Ryan

Marketing Director

Let’s talk about expanding your social media network.

We’ll do it the right way.

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