Event publicity helped inspiring program elevate an important issue

Securing media coverage for The Emily Program’s 25th anniversary celebration was extremely rewarding. Earning top-notch event publicity for a client is always nice, but knowing our work is helping this organization improve people’s relationship with food and their bodies is immensely gratifying. It certainly aligns with Media Relations Agency’s value of using our strengths to help others. What you may not realize, is the extensive effort we put forth to give this program and its one-of-a-kind event a PR boost.
We began preparing for The Emily Program’s 25th anniversary event months prior to the event. Since the event was featuring an inspirational talk by Olympic gold medalist Jessie Diggins – the cross-country skier was sharing her very personal story about recovering from her eating disorder with The Emily Program’s help – our strategic PR and writing professionals interviewed Diggins about her journey. Our strategists, writers and publicist team worked closely with The Emily Program staff to create Media-Grade Content® about the event. This quality content was designed to get the media’s attention as well as share our client’s key messages.

Our team succeeded. Thanks to our efforts, more than 12 media outlets ran a story about The Emily Program and/or its event. These included a pre-event interview on the local ABC-TV news with the organization’s Chief Strategy Officer Jillian Lampert, a personal and inspirational interview with Jessie Diggins in a leading lifestyle newspaper and an article about the star athlete’s relationship with food, her body and The Emily Program in a top local magazine. We also secured calendar mentions and inclusions in high-profile weekend-activities lists.

Securing on-location event coverage was also on our game plan. Three local TV stations shared highlights of the event, as well as key messages about The Emily Program during post-event stories.  There was also national interest from The Today Show which may result in a spring placement.

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Event Publicity for Emily Program








Media coverage can be a game-changer for an organization because it provides the opportunity to tell deep, engaging stories; the kind of stories that encourage people to take action such as making a call for help. Lampert’s inspiring interview was a full three minutes. All of the post-event coverage included Diggins sharing her personal story, and even the magazine and newspaper articles included moving quotes. You certainly can’t stir the same type of emotion with a static ad.

We’re proud to help organizations such as The Emily Program get recognition for the fine work they do. It truly warms our hearts to see them succeed. If you’re with an organization or company that would benefit from media coverage for an event or for your group in general, give us a call at 952-369-5269 or complete this online form. We provide free, no-obligation publicity estimates. Give us a try. We’ll do our best to make sure your program gets the attention it deserves.

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