Media-Grade Content™

Product Stories That Have Impact

Media-Grade Content™ Services Apply Higher Standards

Our Media-Grade Content™ writing services are your assurance that everything we write is interesting, substantive, worthy of your audience’s time and relevant to their lives. We apply our proprietary standards to everything we write and edit. This ensures that the content we deliver to you written from a journalist’s perspective, based on our nearly 30 years of arranging media coverage for our clients. This lens improves the impact of your marketing content by making it more credible. Our writers even adhere to journalists’ preferred AP Style.

This approach helps reporters and producers envision why their audiences will care about your stories. Our service, Media-Grade Content™, can also help extend your social media reach, because we deliver all of the elements of a well-researched, third-party article. People are more willing to run it, post it, share it and link to it.

Whether you want us apply our Media-Grade Content™ services to editing pre-existing content, or we start with a blank page, our higher standards will help to shape the public’s opinions about your products and business.

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