Is your website working hard for you or hardly working?

Your website and social channels should be some of your hardest working sales tools. If they aren’t getting the attention of prospects or accurately sharing your story, it’s time to rethink these investments.  

We offer free website and social channel reviews for the first five companies that request one each month. A Media Relations Agency digital expert will personally review your website and social media accounts and report back with ideas that will help boost their effectiveness.

Here are a few things we’ll look at:

Website design and user experience
An outdated website isn’t doing your business any favors. We take a critical look at your website: Is it using up-to-date design trends? Is it easy to navigate? Does it incorporate your current messaging? Successful websites draw visitors in and encourage them to linger. They contain a pleasing mix of text, images and graphics, and also make good use of white space. If your website is boxy, contains Flash, has small text or has an overly complicated structure, it’s probably time for an update.


Content is truly king when it comes to websites and social media. It needs to be informative, engaging and relevant to the reader. If not, disappointed visitors may quickly leave your site or scroll past your social media post. We use our SAM 6® process to produce Media grade Content® that begs to be read and also aligns with your marketing strategy.  

Mobile friendliness

Mobile-only users now surpass desktop-only users which means that every website and social site needs to perform well on a smaller screen. We recommend responsive design to ensure your website function well on any device. We’ll also look for ways to make your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts function better for mobile users.


Nothing is more disheartening than punching in your company’s name into Google and not showing up on the first (or second or even third) page. We’ll provide recommendations (both technical and content) that aim to boost your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) position. 

Here’s something you can check for yourself right now. A slow-loading site will affect your SERP and deter customers. Most visitors expect a site to load in two seconds or less and many will leave if it isn’t loaded in three seconds. Check your mobile speed performance by entering your site’s URL into Google’s mobile performance tool. Use Google’s PageSpeed to check your desktop speed. Give us a call if your results concern you.

Request a free consultation from Media Relations Agency now because we only conduct five a month. You can also call us with your request at 952-697-5269.

Written by Matt Hentges

We can feel the energy go up a few notches when Matt is around! He immerses himself in a conversation, eager to learn all he can and genuinely curious to discover how he might be able to help. “My favorite part of my job is talking with new people and trying to find a connection or potential synergy,” he acknowledges. Matt keeps things light and fun, especially when discussing one of his favorite subjects: marketing. He enjoys his role in moving a project to the next stage, which is applying our Strategically Aimed Marketing process. “I’m like the little kid who asks “why?” over and over, and SAM 6 gives reasons to the “whys” in marketing.” As Matt channels his boundless energies into helping businesses make smarter use of marketing tools, he relishes being part of a team that capitalizes on each other’s strengths. “We have a wonderful business model that more than fills a unique niche within the publicity industry. We are truly marketing and publicity experts with many seasoned years behind our goal-driven agency.”

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