TV coverage elevates products’ visibility

Your product may be a winner in your eyes, but for it to take off with consumers they first need to know it exists and understand how it can help them. Media coverage teaches massive audiences and builds desire for the featured product. Vispero asked us to arrange media stories that would increase awareness of, and excitement about, its low-vision product line.

An increasing number of people are losing their eyesight yet few are told that options exist for maintaining their independence. Vispero offers high-tech solutions yet its estimated that only about 15 percent of people who have low vision are referred to low-vision care. Media Relations Agency’s job was to use media coverage to teach consumers that low-vision solutions exist, and to explain the specific features and benefits of Vispero’s products.  

Our team crafted an engaging, fact-based story about the effects low vision has on Americans. We pitched this story to major media outlets and offered Vispero representative Richard Tapping, chairman of the Vision Council, as the subject matter expert.

As the fourth-largest market in the country, Houston was high on our list of markets we wanted to reach and teach. And we did! During this four-and-a-half-minute interview on Houston’s Fox 26 TV, Tapping shared background information about low vision. He also had ample time to build desire by demonstrating each Vispero product’s features and benefits. The segment – which reached 80,000 people – clearly showed brand names and gave Vispero’s website. Watch it here:

Media Relations Agency is unique because securing product media coverage is at the core of what we’ve done for more than 30 years. Our publicists also take time to prepare our clients for their media interviews. As a result, our clients and their spokespeople are well prepared to share their products’ most influential messaging.

A quick review:

Feature: A part or aspect of a product, such as auto-programming on a coffee pot.

Benefit: What a feature can do for you, such as starting the coffee pot before you wake up.

Desire: A longing to have feature and benefit. For example, a desire to smell hot coffee upon awakening and then drink it right away.

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Written by Media Relations Agency

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