How trade media coverage can help you promote your product

People read trade publications in part to learn what’s new and relevant that might make their business life better. If you sell B2B, trade media coverage is an effective way to promote your product. This Candy Industry article that I arranged for our client, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, reached 13,501 confectionery industry professionals. The article gave our client the opportunity to weigh in on a timely issue.

Trade media coverage delivers your message in a credible, authoritative format. It reaches people who are ready to learn industry-specific information and may be able to act on it.

We’ve been arranging trade coverage for decades. In fact, some of our clients only want trade coverage. They come to us because of our expertise. We’ve arranged coverage in a variety of fields. We work with journalists to compile stories that satisfy the media’s and our clients’ needs. When trade journal editors suggest topics, our writers draft pre-written articles to submit for their review.

Trade coverage reaches targeted B2B audiences faster than a consumer story might. It can take a more technical business perspective. Trade coverage can tackle issues that may not be relevant to consumers. It can influence supply chain buying decisions. We can help you time trade coverage to coincide with industry-related events and breaking news that may seriously impact your customers’ businesses.

I’ve been a publicist for more than seven years. I have a thorough understanding of which media outlets may be good platforms to publicize certain products. Call me at 952-697-5240 or complete our form below. Tell me what product you need to promote. I’ll tell you more about how we can help you promote your product with trade media coverage.

I sincerely enjoy building media relationships and co-producing media placements for our clients. And I really believe in what media coverage can do for our clients’ businesses. When you believe in something, that translates into success.

Written by Sallie Crowl

Sallie is thorough and tenacious, precisely the type of person you want talking with the media about your products. A clear thinker, she uses her sales background to help reporters see all angles to a story. A veteran of the publishing and printing industry, she’s been making good things happen for our clients for five years. Sallie has achieved client placements on CNN, WGN-TV, and Better TV, and in an impressive list of print media including First for Women, Woman’s World, Energy Times, Amazing Wellness, Better Nutrition and Health Magazine.

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