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by | Jul 4, 2023 | MarketSmart Newsletters, Services

I’ll get right to the point. If you aren’t using my marketing agency, you’re using an agency that knows a lot less about marketing than they let on. You can prove it in an instant. Just ask them the difference between the marketing mix and the promotional mix. It’s a basic question but surprisingly, most marketers can’t give you a clear answer. Or ask them to explain the 4 market segmentation strategies and how they relate to segmentation variables. 

Imagine asking your accounting staff the difference between a balance sheet and an income statement, and finding out they weren’t sure. Would you still use them?

Now consider this. You can maybe wring another 20% in sales out of your current customers, but that’s offset by the hole in your customer bucket. Real growth comes from new business development and you’ve entrusted a good share of that to an agency that doesn’t know basic marketing concepts. Not good.

I suggest you get a copy of my best selling book, “The CEO’s Guide to Marketing”. Skim it and then quiz whoever is doing your marketing for you. Just call us at 952-697-5269 and we’ll send you one for free with a free consultation with one of our product publicists. 

I don’t expect our clients to be proficient in marketing. That’s our job. But you should have a way of checking on your agency. My book will do that for you.

Marketing is tough business. Getting someone to want your product more than their money or the competition’s product is a high bar to get over. Don’t trust website builders, graphic artists and copywriters who couldn’t pass a basic marketing quiz. And certainly don’t trust anyone who claims to be some type of marketing expert if they don’t know what’s in my book. Just move on. To us. You’ll be money ahead.  

P.S. I don’t want to over promise. The biggest factor in sales isn’t marketing. It’s having a product lots of people want. Good marketing will bring in more sales for any product but that still might not be enough to make a marginal product commercially viable. What you don’t want is a commercially viable product that fails because of poor marketing. 

Written by Lonny Kocina

Written by Lonny Kocina

Lonny Kocina is the CEO and Founder of Media Relations Agency which has been in business for nearly 35 years. During that time, Kocina also founded and sold two other businesses: Mid America Events and Expos, and Checkerboard Internet Services. Prior to that, Lonny worked as a marketing director for Investment Rarities Inc., a company with sales over 4 billion dollars. Kocina has also been a long time member of Vistage International which is a CEO peer mentoring organization. He was also a volunteer marketing mentor for Junior Achievement and the Carlson School of Business. For fun he has taught Principles of Marketing at the college level, and his recent book, the “CEO’s Guide to Marketing” is an Axiom Business Book silver medal winner as well as an Amazon bestseller. Lonny likes to kid that his third grade teacher may have summed him up best with a note sent home on his report card. “Lonny is a daydreamer and he’s getting worse each day. He complains of a stomach ache a lot and I don’t think he likes school much either.”


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