Fear of the unknown

Last week I sent a contract to an attorney to review. His rate is $300 an hour. He said it wouldn’t take him long to look it over and make a few changes. I’ll bet.

I wrote the following line 25 years ago when I started a company that sold publicity by story rather than charging by the hour: There’s something crosswise when the longer it takes someone to do a job, the more they make. My feelings haven’t changed.

If you are paying a PR firm by the hour to try to get you media coverage, consider testing us on a project. For 25 years we have spared our clients from worrying about what, if anything, they would get for their money. Heather Champine can explain our rate sheet. Her number is 952-697-5269. Our clients tell us we opened up a promotional channel they barely used. Some have been buying publicity by the story from us since we started in ‘88.

Nothing sells better than a good news story. Except maybe hundreds or even thousands of them.




Written by Lonny Kocina

Lonny pioneered the concept of our nationally trademarked Pay Per Interview Publicity® business model which allows clients to purchase publicity by the story rather than pay hourly with no guarantee of coverage. His business foresight is evident in many ways including quickly reserving portal web addresses such as publicity, media relations, and checkerboard, and advising clients to do the same. In his spare time and as a way of giving back, Lonny teaches marketing as an adjunct faculty member at Dakota Technical College.