Who has the resources to support your website?

Think about how many different skills it takes to support your website. Websites need graphic design, code, writing and marketing to attract visitors and convert them into leads. That’s a pretty wide array of skills. But you don’t need to hire four separate people to do that. You can get just one web property manager. As a web property manager, I monitor client websites, and design and execute digital marketing strategies. And, I can tap into the talents of a very diverse crew.

Every day I work with colleagues who are:

  • Web developers
  • Graphic designers
  • Writers
  • Publicists
  • Marketing executives
  • Sales professionals

Working closely with other specialists provides “cross-pollination”: We learn skills from each other. I learn graphic design trends from the web designers and rhetorical devices from the writers. The veteran marketers pass along promotional techniques and the salespeople emphasize responsiveness. And I help my cohorts understand more about Google Analytics, Google AdWords, video advertising and WordPress. Then I integrate this expertise to help our clients improve their websites and attract more website visitors.

Access to a team such as this is one of the reasons that clients choose to work with a web property manager. I draw on what I’ve learned from several certifications and team members to help our clients attract more web traffic. And if questions veer further into other subject matters, I have a full-service agency to consult.

Clients can choose the amount of time they want to have a property manager work on their website and digital marketing objectives. To learn more web property management, call us at 952-697-5269 or complete our form. We’ll explain more about web property management and schedule a time to discuss further details.

Written by Heather Kroupa

Heather Kroupa knows sometimes you have to be unconventional to get results. Driven by natural curiosity plus years of digital marketing experience, Heather expertly develops clever, attention-getting campaigns. “Digital marketing is not a precise science,” she says. Heather takes the time to analyze and evaluate the best ways to tell our clients’ stories.

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