When was the last time your website was audited?

by | Feb 2, 2023 | Company News, SEO, Website Support

Dog with a tie performing website audit

Your website may not be attracting as much traffic as it could. A few easy fixes may enable you to stop losing as many sales to your competition. Even if you’ve performed an automated scan recently, our digital marketing experts can find more ways to amp up your website’s effectiveness. If you can’t remember the last time your website was professionally audited, call Media Relations Agency to schedule one.

Our site reviews do more than just check a list of boxes  
Ours is one of the more comprehensive audits available. Plus they’re done by real digital marketing professionals, who manually analyze results and offer recommendations based on our 35-plus years in business.

Each audit is unique. We’ll start by asking you about your marketing goals. One of our clients asked us to focus on generating more high-quality leads. Another was more interested in understanding how well his website is currently performing when compared with the competition.  I’ve given you examples below of what they received in their audits.

Our audits also suggest strategies and/or technical fixes to help grow your network, come up higher in search results and increase conversion rates. And, we’ll tell you what it will cost to take your digital marketing to the next level.

What you should know about how your site is performing 
We tailor our web audits to give you exactly what you want and need to know. Looking at the two examples I mentioned above, here are some of the results we shared with these clients.

Client A: Interested in more high-quality leads 
Our audit identified technical updates, new tactics and process optimizations to get more of the right people to the site and improve conversion rates. We suggested making technical changes that will increase site speed and usability on all devices. We also suggested systems that will segment and personalize their email marketing so they can send their message to the people most likely to take action.

Other suggestions included creating, optimizing and managing a digital advertising campaign. To ensure their website is easily found, we advised implementing a search engine-friendly website structure, optimized images and effective link strategies. Our audit also identified opportunities to improve their content and strategic keyword usage.

Client B: Interested in how their site compares with their competition
With this audit, we looked at the client’s site, one local competitor, one leader in a different market and one national competitor. We scored each site on a lengthy list of parameters including their site search score, backlinks and page rankings. Since slower sites have lower conversion rates, we compared our client’s page speed with their competition. After receiving our audit, this client also knows how his site and overall digital marketing program compare in terms of many other best-practice parameters.

This client’s audit told us that while there was a lot going right, there were several opportunities to improve his site’s infrastructure and SEO as well as his content marketing and digital advertising.

Thorough web audits come naturally to our team because Media Relations Agency specializes in using best practices for all of our digital marketing clients. We want your website to perform better than your competitions’, and we can work within your budget to help you get there.

Call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form to schedule your website audit.

Written by Brady Balhorn

Written by Brady Balhorn

Brady is responsible for a lot of the behind-the-scenes digital research and strategy execution. He is also excellent at digital advertising. Having created countless YouTube videos, blog posts, and websites ever since he was in middle school, Brady has spent most of his life trying to get his content rank high in search engines. A web-savvy and detail-oriented person, you can count on Brady to create and optimize content that will get your site found.


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