Wish you had a new marketing tactic for 2020? Here’s one …

Media Relations Agency is a news organization that specializes in creating and distributing news stories about companies and products. We have been doing this for over 30 years. 

For most of our existence, we worked behind the scenes and got virtually no public recognition for the stories we created. That’s because most of our work was done for the traditional media, also known in marketing terms as the earned media. It worked like this: Clients would hire us to drum up media interest in their companies and the products they offered. We would develop the stories including the theme, the props and the spokespeople. Then we would offer the story to the media on a silver platter. Clients paid us per story that ran, not by the hour, and they loved it. Many of our clients have been with us for decades. The media loved us too. We did their work for free and they got the credit. 

Trust me, I’m not complaining. We’ve made a lot of money doing business this way and we have lots of happy clients. Not to mention, lots of happy media contacts. 

In 2020, what would it look like if we were your personal media arm? What if we unleashed our team of reporters and producers on your company and products? How would your marketing look different if we were constantly developing media-grade content that was distributed not only to the traditional media but though all the promotional mix channels including your website and social channels? Would your sales increase if your product was seen as the “It product” in the news? 

To give you an idea of how much clients are spending with us, here are some sample amounts repeat clients have sent us over the last few weeks: $10,000, $5,000, $50,000, $8,000, $25,000, $15,000, $120,000, $30,000, $29,000. This is just a small sample. The only reason clients continue to send us money is that the news service we provide makes them more money than it costs. Simple as that. 

Nothing can make people buy something they don’t want. So even the best marketing tactics will fail in that case. But ours is a good service. It’s helped launch products like Breathe Right Nasal Strips and Regular Girl, and keep others in the media spotlight like Great Clips and Sambucol. So, if you are thinking about trying something a little different this year, try hiring us as your personal media arm focused on creating and distributing news stories about your company and its products. Call us and we will give you more details about what we are doing for other clients, how it’s working for them, and how it might work for you. You can reach us online or by calling us at 952-697-5269.


Written by Lonny Kocina

Lonny is a visionary who is passionate about marketing. He believes that to be a truly great agency, our professional advice and deliverables must be based on a solid marketing foundation. He has made it his mission to ensure that everyone on our team knows and understands the basic marketing concepts and the SAM 6 process. Lonny pioneered the concept of our nationally trademarked Pay Per Interview Publicity® business model which enables clients to purchase publicity by the story. “It’s a familiar concept. If you pay for a pizza, you get a pizza; if pay for a car, you get a car; and with us, if you pay for media coverage, you get media coverage,” he explains. “Clients come to us because they are tired of paying hourly retainers and getting little tangible return.” When the Internet was in its infancy, Lonny also had the business foresight to quickly reserve portal web addresses such as publicity, media relations and checkerboard, and advised clients to do the same. Nearly 30 years since launching this agency, Lonny’s still finds great joy thinking about, talking about and writing about product promotion. He thrives on expanding our ability to help clients tell their stories to the masses.

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