What’s the difference between sales and marketing?

Many people have a murky understanding of the difference between sales and marketing. That’s because sales and marketing are part of the same continuum. It’s not always easy to tell where marketing stops and sales begins. Simply put: Marketing reaches the masses and builds trust in your brand, making your sales team’s job easier. 

Generally speaking, marketing is about the lead and sales is about the close. Using a team sports analogy, marketers give their team a huge advantage by maintaining control of the ball and they tee up the sales team to score the points. 

  • Marketers: Marketing convinces people to trade some of their time in exchange for information about your product. As certified Strategically Aimed Marketing professionals, our skills at Media Relations Agency include determining the best promotional channels to use to reach your ideal target audience, the best messages to use, and the messaging frequency needed to engage your prospective buyers.  
  • Salespeople. Sales is about convincing people to exchange their money for a product. It takes a certain type of person to persuade and finesse the deals. Most successful salespeople are high-achieving, self-confident extroverts who are driven for success. 

Three ways marketing gives your sales team greater advantages

    1. Publicity reaches the masses. A well coordinated PR campaign can deliver your messaging to hundreds of thousands of people each year. Each story familiarizes your audiences with your primary value points, teeing up your salespeople to close the deal. With our Pay Per Interview®model, our clients pay only for results, guaranteeing your budget will be used effectively. 
    2. Each story can be amplified. The “Rule of 7” states that someone needs to be exposed to your message at least seven times before they take action. Repeating your story in multiple promotional channels helps your messaging to stick. Media Relations Agency’s digital marketing team follows best practices for the greatest benefits.
    3. It continually feeds information to your audiences. Marketing is not a once-and-done task. Each time you use a new promotional angle, you’re giving your audience more reasons to buy. Your sales team will thank you. For example, a weight loss supplement may attract new buyers from stories about getting ready for swimsuit season and about avoiding holiday weight gain. 

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Written by Mike Danielson

Mike is a visionary and a trusted marketing mentor for many well-known companies within the health and natural products industries. He has an impressive mastery of marketing. He thrives on using his 30 years of experience and good instincts to manage campaigns that have measurable impacts on clients’ bottom lines. Focused and driven, Mike excels at client service and creative development. “I try to help everyone equally. Some will become clients and even long-term friends.” Many also benefit from his extensive connections within the health and nutrition industries. Clients who work with Mike typically comment about how much they learn from him. Mike comments, “I enjoy teaching people how to use solid marketing principles vs. a gut feel when selecting promotional channels. I’m willing to spend long hours helping navigate through all of the other actions that comprise a well-integrated marketing campaign.” Faced with any obstacle, Mike will fight for a win. He admits, “I get nervous if there aren’t barriers to accomplishing goals.” His cause for celebration is when his team’s hard work pays off in great earned media coverage, long-term client relationships and referrals.

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