The creative step has gone missing.


Media Relations Agency CEO Lonny Kocina created this four-minute explainer video for his author page. We love the script. We love the illustrations. But wait a second. There’s no mention of the sixth step of our six-step Strategically Aimed Marketing process. What’s up with that? 

Lonny’s explainer video describes what you can expect to learn from his best-selling, award-winning book, “The CEO’s Guide to Marketing: The book every marketer should read before their boss does.”  The book is based on a simple six-step process called Strategically Aimed Marketing, or SAM 6® for short. 

“You’ll notice the book is very colorful, and the text is tight and easy to read. My experience with running our agency for 30 years is that unlike CEOs, most marketers are visual learners and not big readers,” Lonny explains as he gives brief descriptions of steps one through five. 

“I designed this book to be a quick read for CEOs and visually appealing for creative folks who will need to learn from it.” It takes about an hour to read.

“This is not a 1001 clever ideas book,” he continues. “It’s a foundational process management book meant to guide your creative team just like race tracks guide horses and cars.” 

Step 6 of the SAM 6 process is Engage the Creative Team. That team would be your writers, graphic artists, publicists and marketing strategists charged with producing marketing that is on point, every single time. 

It’s not described in the video. We’re not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because Lonny was focused on discussing his book and not our agency? 

That sort of makes sense because the SAM 6 process is designed to be simple and easy for any company to implement. We’ve even got free SAM 6 tools including an implementation guide on our website. So, maybe you don’t need us. 

But maybe you do. Some companies rely on us as their entire marketing department. Others use us for very specific tasks when they don’t have the right skills in house, they’re short on time or a combination of both.  

My suggestion is to read Lonny’s book, then let’s strategize on how we might help you create a vastly improved marketing campaign for the remainder of 2020. Call us at 952-697-5269 or contact us online

P.S. In this blog about business survival after the pandemic, Lonny describes Step 6 as: 

Engage your creative team. You want to have your creative folks layer their thinking over steps 1-5. If your ducks are in a row, if you have followed the Strategically Aimed Marketing process in my book and are giving clear direction, your creative people can do remarkable things. 

Written by Matt Hentges

We can feel the energy go up a few notches when Matt is around! He immerses himself in a conversation, eager to learn all he can and genuinely curious to discover how he might be able to help. “My favorite part of my job is talking with new people and trying to find a connection or potential synergy,” he acknowledges. Matt keeps things light and fun, especially when discussing one of his favorite subjects: marketing. He enjoys his role in moving a project to the next stage, which is applying our Strategically Aimed Marketing process. “I’m like the little kid who asks “why?” over and over, and SAM 6 gives reasons to the “whys” in marketing.” As Matt channels his boundless energies into helping businesses make smarter use of marketing tools, he relishes being part of a team that capitalizes on each other’s strengths. “We have a wonderful business model that more than fills a unique niche within the publicity industry. We are truly marketing and publicity experts with many seasoned years behind our goal-driven agency.”

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