How to make a video that actually gets watched

Videos are a fantastic way to tell a story, which is why many companies  invest in this medium. But you need more than a video camera to engage your viewers. You need to take them on rewarding journey. Think about this: Many of us spend our free time binge-watching shows or watching movies. Commercials? We skip past those when we can. We don’t want to be told to buy something or go somewhere. It’s the stories that grab our attention and keep us glued to the screen. So, if you’re investing in a new video, enlist the help of Media Relations Agency’s storytelling experts.

We recently completed a series of videos for Women’s Health Leadership Trust, a professional network for women in healthcare. We created three videos: one for each of their two 2017 Awards winners and one recapping the awards event. The award-recipient videos were shown at the ceremony and did a great job telling the stories of these remarkable women. These videos honored the winners and captivated the event’s audience. They also helped the women leaders in attendance further connect with the organization.

The videos are also posted on the Trust’s website. This is a smart tactic. According to video platform Wistia, website visitors spend 2.6 times longer on a page of it contains video. So these videos will continue to inspire others and build this organization’s reputation as they honor these high-achieving women.

Another reason I like video is its ability to convey emotion. That’s important whether you are sharing a story of good deeds or selling a product. When we create content, whether it be for a press release, blog or video, we use language and imagery that emotionally connects with the audience. Studies show people often buy on emotion and then justify their purchases with facts.

If you’re ready to tell your story with a video, give me a call at 952-697-5200 or complete this form. I’ll review our process and then explain why Media Relations Agency’s unique brand of storytelling works so well. Give me a call, and you’ll learn the reason why I’m considered part marketing strategist and part consumer psychologist.

01 Dr Harris Award – Trust Event Video – April 2017


02  Pinnacle Leader Award – The Trust Event Video – April 2017


Written by Heather Champine

Heather has been teaching clients how to harness the power of publicity to sell products since 1997. Her expertise lies in marketing consumer products and services so that they are deemed newsworthy by the media. She leads an entire publicist team in securing radio, TV, print and online news coverage for her clients. Heather is our strategy guru. She can take a complex scenario and determine how best to utilize publicity to reach client goals. She’s an upbeat, purposeful leader who can be both objective and compassionate at the same time.