How to get a product story in the news

Each month, many business owners and marketers contact Media Relations Agency to discuss how to get their product’s story in the news. I love these conversations because I know I’m talking with smart people. They understand that today’s consumers want to hear from you at the beginning of the buying process, when they are looking for and evaluating the alternatives. And product publicity, both traditional and digital, is one of the most effective ways to get in front of the right people at the right time. 

We’ve been arranging media coverage for products and services for more than 30 years. That’s longer than many agencies have even been in business. One of the first things I try to determine when I’m talking with people is: Are they ready for publicity? 

There’s a reason why publicity is called earned media. It takes lots of work, skill and preparation to make it happen. 

Here are three things to consider:

  1.           Is your website informative and well designed? After one of our publicists talks with a reporter about a product, we know with almost complete certainty that the reporter’s next move will be to verify the facts by visiting the product’s website. Reporters are asking themselves such questions as, “Is this product legitimate?” “Is it relevant to my audience?” and “Does the messaging I just heard from the publicist line up with what I’m reading on the website?” 
  2.           Do you have a compelling story to tell? Some product stories don’t get a lot of traction in the media for a simple reason. They don’t answer the audience’s biggest question: “What’s in it for me?” Your story must create a desire so strong that the viewer/reader/listener will want your product more than their money. The time spent defining your audiences and getting your messaging just right will pay off when you start contacting journalists about your product. 
  3.          Are you ready to commit the resources necessary to execute the type of publicity campaign that will earn your desired results? The most successful media campaigns layer local, regional and national coverage. They build momentum by earning coverage on digital news media, print, radio and TV. When you have all these third parties saying nice things about your product through the media, it builds your credibility (not just with your buyers but also with other journalists). 

We make it easier for our clients to use this layering strategy by offering our performance-based Pay Per Interview® pricing model to get media coverage. That way, you pay only for results and are guaranteed to get media coverage for your money. Repurposing those media stories on your blog, in your social media and in your newsletters will extend their positive impact.

Let’s talk about how we might guarantee getting your product in the news. Set up a free consultation with me by calling 952-697-5269 or completing our contact form


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