Fame is a many splendored thing

A couple weeks ago, my wife and I were driving home from work listening to clips of voiceover talent for this explainer video. We both agreed on the one you will hear. We found out later that the voice we selected is Dean Wendt, one of the guys who did the voice of Barney the dinosaur on the popular kid’s TV show. Judging by the 1,900 five-star reviews for voiceover projects, Dean’s fame for being the voice of Barney is obviously paying off for him.

Written by Lonny Kocina

Lonny Kocina is the CEO and Founder of Media Relations Agency which has been in business for nearly 35 years. During that time, Kocina also founded and sold two other businesses: Mid America Events and Expos, and Checkerboard Internet Services. Prior to that, Lonny worked as a marketing director for Investment Rarities Inc., a company with sales over 4 billion dollars. Kocina has also been a long time member of Vistage International which is a CEO peer mentoring organization. He was also a volunteer marketing mentor for Junior Achievement and the Carlson School of Business. For fun he has taught Principles of Marketing at the college level, and his recent book, the “CEO’s Guide to Marketing” is an Axiom Business Book silver medal winner as well as an Amazon bestseller. Lonny likes to kid that his third grade teacher may have summed him up best with a note sent home on his report card. “Lonny is a daydreamer and he’s getting worse each day. He complains of a stomach ache a lot and I don’t think he likes school much either.”

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