Ford Motor Company has a WordPress-powered site, what about your business?

I’m often asked why we choose WordPress as the publishing platform for our PowerSites. WordPress is great because it allows us to build the infrastructure that carries our clients’ messages according to their communication strategy or social media plan. Not only is the system scalable and flexible, it provides our clients with a hub for their social media activity.

The Ford Motor Company launched a site, The Ford Story, and chose to have this new site completely powered by WordPress. By using WordPress as the content management system for The Ford Story, Ford is able to easily disperse its content, videos, photos and updates. Hey, if WordPress is good enough for Ford than we figure we’ve had the right idea all along using it for our clients.

Check out this interview with Scott Monty from the Global Digital Communications group at The Ford Motor Company. Here is just a bit about what Scott had to say about WordPress fitting in with Ford’s ambition to embrace social media:

“Our vision for social media is to connect consumers with the people of Ford and to allow them to connect with each other, providing value along the way. We hope that as we turn The Ford Story into the social media hub for the company that this is clearer than ever. We know that WordPress is a widely respected, well-known and community-developed platform in the social media space. It means that we’re more closely aligned with current trends and Web technologies and that we can develop the site more quickly as we move into the future.”

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Written by Jason Kocina

Jason has been teaching businesses how to turn their Web sites into profit centers since 1995. Using his extensive experience in design and development as well as marketing, Jason specializes in bridging technology and business by connecting clients’ needs with technological possibilities. He can quickly review any scenario and determine how best to help a client. Soft spoken, caring and responsible, Jason easily connects with everyone. He is especially great at explaining ideas and concepts to non-technical people.

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