Sizzle reels spark even more interest in your story

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Digital Work Examples, Social Media Marketing, Video Production

Sizzle reels

Videos were the breakout marketing trend of the pandemic and their popularity is holding steady. Marketing industry trade HubSpot reports 86% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool. Many of our B2B clients, including global ingredient leader Taiyo International, use short sizzle reels such as this one to add even more value to their earned media coverage.

Professionally produced sizzle reels have numerous advantages. 

  • They call attention to the fact that your story earned attention from multiple media outlets
  • They easily highlight what you want viewers to learn from each of those stories 
  • They reach people who may not have the time to read the complete print articles 
  • They remind those who did read the articles about the points you want them to remember
  • They can exist on your website and social channels for as long as you wish, extending the reach and longevity of the original publicity. 

The journey to this sizzle reel started when we wrote a trade media press release headlined, “World leaders Taiyo and ITO EN partner to bring premium, authentic, ceremonial Japanese green tea and matcha products to North America.” 

Our publicists then contacted individual trade media editors and publishers about covering this story. The results were so positive that we suggested keeping the story’s momentum going by creating this sizzle reel. 

In just one minute 48 seconds, we synopsized the volume of media coverage and used call-outs to highlight key points made within those stories.

Sizzle reels such as this one can be uploaded to your website and/or YouTube channel. You can then link to them from LinkedIn and other social media channels. You can also include the link in your newsletter to prospects and clients. And now that in-person events are taking place, sizzle reels are ideal to play in continuous loops to engage people at your booth.   

Sizzle reels can, and often do, include a mix of broadcast and print/digital media coverage. But as this video demonstrates, we can create an engaging video that exclusively showcases print publicity. Call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form so that we may show you how it’s done. 

Written by Media Relations Agency

Written by Media Relations Agency

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