Five tips for creating high-value content

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One common marketing mistake is getting lost in the echo chamber of repetitive content! Search engines overlook it, and your audience likely tunes out too. Capture attention with original, valuable content that meets your audience’s needs, prioritizing quality over quantity.

Why should you post more high-value content?

There are strong reasons why we follow the media’s preferred AP Style, and adhere to the guardrails that define our Media-Grade Content®. Time and again, we’ve confirmed that informative, relevant content can elevate an audience’s opinion of a business.

The benefits of high-value content go way beyond supporting SEO, leads and conversations (although those are very important outcomes). Great content can improve your audience’s experience with your business and brand.

Here’s how:

  • It builds trust and credibility. It demonstrates your expertise and industry authority.
  • It boosts brand awareness. Consistently producing Media-Grade Content keeps your brand top-of-mind among your target audience. Over time, this can lead to increased brand recognition and recall.
  • It educates and informs your customers. It addresses their pain points, and provides them with valuable insights and resources, strengthening their bond with your business.
  • It differentiates you from your competition. It sets you apart from similar businesses that rely primarily on promotional messaging. Over time, your audience will learn to value your expertise.

Five ways to give your content more value

  1. Make it relevant. Tailor your content to address the interests and concerns of the people most likely to buy. We developed an internal tool, our Code Sheets, to define each client’s target market and how best to speak to them.
  2. Make it accurate, credible and transparent. Offer facts and details supported by credible sources. Share primary research and statistics, if available. Give your professional insights on hot industry topics. Steer clear of hype and fluff/filler content.
  3. Make it unique. Make your site memorable by giving your content an original, fresh perspective. That may involve developing a distinct brand voice and persona. It can also include sharing case studies and testimonials to support your primary value points. Spend time simplifying and refining your unique selling proposition, then weave that information into your content.
  4. Make it detailed. Dive into a subject matter rather than skimming the surface. Call on your staff’s expertise to demonstrate your company’s depth of knowledge and experience. Readers will notice when you take the time to explain complex topics in a clear, understandable manner.
  5. Make it actionable. Consider how-to guides and practical tips that empower readers to solve their problems. This is how you can clearly connect the dots between their goals and your business or product.

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Written by Robin Miller

Written by Robin Miller

Robin will coordinate the writing for your newsletters, social media posts, website, blogs, newsletters and press releases. “I like interviewing clients and spokespeople, hearing their stories, getting to know their personalities and listening to how they phrase their thoughts,” she says. “It’s fun to transform what I’ve learned from those conversations into media-grade content.” Robin enjoys shaping content to ensure that the message will be clearly received. “When someone understands the relevance of what they’re writing and can position it properly for their audience, their work tends to be more convincing and on point. I’m fortunate to have a very diverse background, which gives me a good perspective whenever we bring on a new client.” An IABC- and Mercury-award winner, Robin says her practical experience in the health sciences has proven particularly beneficial as she interprets clients’ scientific information for mainstream media. “But it’s no longer sufficient to write well,” she cautions. “As marketers, we must now comply with the intricacies of digital marketing. That involves a whole set of rules, which are constantly evolving.”


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