2023 holiday marketing deadlines

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Publicity, Services

Reporters can’t include you in their 2023 holiday gift guides and media stories if they don’t know about you. We should start working immediately on your content and the list of the media you want us to approach. Many sought-after media outlets will finalize their stories in September, and there’s a lot of competition vying for their attention. Luckily, Media Relations Agency has multiple ways to help you beat your competition.

We all want to give (and receive) gifts that are on-trend and in-demand. Being featured by the media as a hot new gift item may really boost your leads and sales. But we need time to craft a quality, professional campaign. If you wait much longer to call us, it may be a scramble to get your story aired or published in time for the first big wave of holiday shopping.

Boost awareness. Boost sales.

Those in the know predict holiday spending will be similar to last year, which wasn’t exactly robust. Our job is to increase your product’s visibility, and use multiple platforms and strategies to teach buyers why your product should be on their shopping list.

In addition to arranging valuable publicity, we can craft and implement a fully integrated marketing campaign. To increase your holiday sales, it’s critical to maximize your exposure. Our strategies may include holiday-themed newsletters to your database, targeted digital advertising, seasonal landing pages on your website, blogs, social posts and videos.

We may also want to look at optimizing your website and specifically your conversion rate, so you get more holiday leads, and more of those leads become sales.

We have lots of ideas backed by decades of experience to help you reach the masses.

Right now, our top priority is getting you seen during this year’s holiday buying season

We’re running short on time. Pick up the phone now and call us at 952-697-5269. Let’s get the ball rolling. Let’s work together to draw more attention to your product during the 2023 holiday buying season.

Written by Matt Hentges

Written by Matt Hentges

We can feel the energy go up a few notches when Matt is around! He immerses himself in a conversation, eager to learn all he can and genuinely curious to discover how he might be able to help. “My favorite part of my job is talking with new people and trying to find a connection or potential synergy,” he acknowledges. Matt keeps things light and fun, especially when discussing one of his favorite subjects: marketing. He enjoys his role in moving a project to the next stage, which is applying our Strategically Aimed Marketing process. “I’m like the little kid who asks “why?” over and over, and SAM 6 gives reasons to the “whys” in marketing.” As Matt channels his boundless energies into helping businesses make smarter use of marketing tools, he relishes being part of a team that capitalizes on each other’s strengths. “We have a wonderful business model that more than fills a unique niche within the publicity industry. We are truly marketing and publicity experts with many seasoned years behind our goal-driven agency.”


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