Three elements of effective media coverage

Effective media coverage does more than provide product information. It establishes a need and then shows how a product addresses this need. And, it brings this message to people who are in a position to act on it. The media coverage I arranged for Taiyo in Nutraceuticals World fulfills each of these elements.

For audiences to understand why they should purchase a product, first they need to learn why they need it. This publicity I arranged for Taiyo establishes a need by describing some of the effects of stress. Taiyo Kagaku Co. Ltd.’s Assistant General Manager, Dr. T. P. Rao, explains that stress can be associated with sleeplessness.

The media coverage we arrange also illustrates how our client’s product solves a problem. This article explains that Taiyo’s proprietary ingredient, Suntheanine, promotes relaxation. Dr. Rao uses credible, scientific language to describe Suntheanine’s benefits.

In addition to establishing a need and showing how a product addresses that need, we make sure the publicity we arrange reaches the right audience. Nutraceuticals World reaches nutritional beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers. It covers developments in the beverage, food and supplement market. Publicity in this trade publication is an effective way to reach manufacturers who could potentially use our client’s ingredient in a supplement or beverage.

When we arrange publicity, we carefully plan how our clients’ messages will be presented. We can show your target audience why they need your product, as well. Our publicists create story angles that appeal to both buyers and the media. We arrange coverage in publications and on  programs which will deliver your message to the right people.

Call Heather Champine at 952-697-5269 or complete our contact form. Heather is Vice President of Media Production. She leads an entire publicist team in securing radio, TV, print and online news coverage for our clients. She’ll help you get started telling your story.

Written by Lindsay Helgeson

Lindsay is an experienced publicist, and is fabulous about ensuring that no detail is missed. Her background in TV production gives her a unique perspective: she used to be the one looking for new and interesting stories. Now she’s on the other side, pitching story ideas on behalf of our clients. She has booked clients in an impressive list of publications including Upscale Magazine, Southern Living, Fitness RX for Women and the Los Angeles Times.

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