The secret to arranging publicity for your product

During the 16 years I’ve been with Media Relations as a publicist, I’ve definitely seen a lot of changes. But one thing that has been consistent is the power of picking up the phone and building strong relationships with the media. This proactive approach helped me arrange a television segment on a CBS affiliate’s morning show. This segment made 235,000 impressions and taught a massive audience about our client’s ingredient, NIAGEN®. The PR industry will continue to change, but hard work and personal communication will always be the keys to arranging publicity for your product.

I realize phone calls are not the newest way to communicate. To some people, using a phone that has a cord may even seem a little “retro”. But making lots of phone calls is vital to arranging media coverage. When I catch reporters and producers on the phone, I can propose story angles that appeal to them. I can listen to what kinds of stories they need and tailor story ideas accordingly. So I make call after call, day after day, arranging publicity for our clients. No matter what new technologies become available, it’s hard to replace a good old-fashioned conversation with a journalist. During my career, I estimate I’ve made about 250,000 phone calls to the media. It’s hard work, but it’s been worth it to help our clients get media coverage.

Phone calls help me develop strong media relationships. I’ve worked with the NIAGEN segment’s producer for many years and I know what kind of stories she likes. This relationship helped me get this story arranged.

When potential new clients call me to learn more about promoting their products with publicity, I am straightforward with them. If I think they could get great media coverage for their product, I tell them. But if I don’t think the media would be very interested, I tell them that, too. It’s important to be truthful and not just tell people what they want to hear.

I’ve been in this business a long time. One of the reasons I’ve stayed in this industry for so long is that I know what publicity can do for our clients’ businesses. I like seeing their successes. Media coverage can deliver product information to a massive audience in an engaging, interesting format. And this can help drive sales.

Call me and find out what kinds of media coverage we could arrange for you. I’ll let you know how interested I think my media contacts would be in running stories about your product. And you know what: Often, with the right angle, products are much more newsworthy than clients initially expect. I can frequently think of creative angles that make everyday products more intriguing.

Call me at 952-697-5225 or complete our form below. I enjoy making new acquaintances and I’ll be happy to speak with you.

P.S. After we speak, I’ll e-mail you a free copy of our analysis of a recent Nielsen study with must-have information. Its findings will surprise you.

Written by Gail Brandt

Senior Publicist Gail Brandt sinks her teeth into a project and makes things happen. She impresses everyone with her out-of-the-box thinking and her ability to devise new ways to excite the media about a story.  She has repeatedly earned company honors for the quantity and caliber of her media placements, and has booked clients in such prestigious media outlets as Woman’s World, Shape, Good Morning America and on TV stations across America.

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