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by | Sep 25, 2023 | Placement Examples, Publicity, Services

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Exhibiting at a trade show is a big investment. Media Relations Agency can help you maximize your show participation with a time-tested, pre-show marketing strategy.

One of your primary goals should be to set up meetings at your booth during the event. Nothing triggers interest by passers by more than a busy booth.

We recommend an integrated approach to making this happen. 

  • Pre-event trade media coverage* describing what you will feature at your booth. This trade industry coverage for Anderson Advanced Ingredients is an example of the caliber of coverage we arrange. We did more than call attention to their presence at the show. We also educated readers about our client’s new product line, SinClusions. 
  • Supplying carefully crafted product messaging to the event producer, for their promotions. Media Relations routinely helps clients write their promotional content to ensure it touches on all relevant value points.  
  • Publishing blogs and social media posts giving attendees a reason to seek you out at the show. Use fresh, relevant content to distinguish yourself from other exhibitors. Ask us about writing a flight of blogs and posts to keep interest high.   
  • Personal invitations to specific clients and prospects. We also craft and send emails to our clients’ databases, inviting recipients to clients’ booths at the show. 
  • Pre-arranging for trade media to stop by your booth during the event, which will start the process of post-event media coverage. Our media specialists can help with your interview coordination. 

We’re constantly suggesting new ideas to our clients, to help them stand apart from the rest of the exhibitors. To arrange for us to create a personalized strategy for your next event, call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form to schedule time on our calendars. 

*Trade publication coverage also delivers your key messages to attendees even if you aren’t able to personally talk with them; and gets your information into the hands of prospects who are unable to attend the event.

Written by Media Relations Agency

Written by Media Relations Agency

Media Relations Agency is a full-service, hybrid agency that specializes in helping businesses tell their stories. Our 30+ years of experience in generating media-grade content gives us an edge. Who better to help you market your product than the agency whose work consistently passes the media’s stringent litmus test? It’s not always easy, but our content vaults over the media’s high bar several times a day.


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