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When someone’s face or name becomes easily recognizable, we call them a celebrity. Their publicists may encourage their rise to fame by using strategies that get them noticed and make them more discoverable. Media Relations Agency’s product publicists play much the same role in helping our clients’ products become celebrities.

Why is becoming a celebrity so important? 

To illustrate how important a rise to fame is for your business, let me share a few key observations with you: 

  • The average American is exposed to thousands of ads daily. Back in 2007, the number was estimated to be about 5,000 ads/day. Today, some statisticians believe that number has at least doubled.
  • Most people must be exposed to a product’s message seven times before they buy. This is called the Marketing Rule of 7. 
  • An estimated 30,000 products are launched every day. Most will fail, some because they never gained traction. People didn’t know they existed. 

It takes hard work to continually distinguish yourself from the masses, and to be seen repeatedly by your target audience. Product marketing is not a once-and-done sales tactic. 

Good marketing helped launch such iconic brands as Apple, Kraft and Tide  

Many of today’s most ubiquitous brands didn’t start out with millions of dollars in funding. They began in someone’s kitchen, garage or basement. Media Relations Agency had similar humble beginnings when we opened our doors for business 35 years ago. 

Brands succeed when: 

  • They are marketed with a clear, consistent and compelling message. 
  • They use strategic marketing to educate people about what makes them different from the competition. 
  • They use good marketing tactics to nurture consumer trust and emotional bonds with buyers.   

I’m not claiming that product marketing on its own will transform your product into a billion-dollar brand. But considering the daunting number of new products launched every day, it’s essential to use proven strategies to set your product apart from the masses. 

A full-service agency is best equipped to make your product a celebrity 

Which marketing tactics will help move your product up the ladder of fame? It typically takes a combination of many strategies. Your first tasks may be to improve your website’s SEO and optimize your conversion rate. Many of our clients drive product awareness using a combination of publicity, digital ads, email marketing, videos and other proven marketing tactics. 

Because Media Relations Agency is a full-service agency, and our product marketing services are fully integrated with one another, we can design and implement a campaign that is specific to your needs.

As we learn what works best for you, and which areas may need more attention, we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure you’re getting the most value from your marketing dollars. 

It’s easy to start working with us 

We can start working to move your product higher on the ladder of fame for $5,000/month. We’ll assess where you are now, listen to your goals and create a strategic marketing plan to get your product noticed by more people. Call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form to start the process of making your product a celebrity. 

Written by Robin Kocina

Written by Robin Kocina

Robin Kocina is a proven marketing industry leader who has been instrumental in growing Media Relations Agency, a top performance-based PR agency, from its inception in 1987 to its current status as a successful integrated marketing agency with international clientele and multi-million dollar revenues. As President, Kocina now concentrates her efforts on the agency’s direction and fiscal growth, as well as new business development in the company’s Minnesota and Florida offices. Kocina’s financial acumen is evidenced by her recognition as a Top Women in Finance Circle of Excellence (Finance & Commerce, 2013) as well as Top Women in Finance (Finance & Commerce, 2010). A highly regarded community leader, Kocina believes strongly in sharing her marketing and leadership skills through community service. She served as chairman of the board for Depart Smart. She also serves on the Leadership Board for the National Federation of Independent Business, and actively involved with the Women’s Presidents Organization. She is a past board member and Chairman of the Board for WomenVenture. Robin is the recipient of numerous honors for her leadership and community involvement: Inductee into the Women Business Owners Hall of Fame (2018); Exceptional Businesswoman Award (2016); Volunteer of the Year (Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, 2010); 25 Women to Watch (Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, 2008); Upsize Lifeline Award (Upsize Magazine, 2008); Standing Ovation Award (Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine, 2006) and Luminary Award (National Association of Women Business Owners, Minnesota Chapter, 2005).


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